To help you budget and plan ahead of time, our pricing model relies on the number of people in the database and usage hours.

$49/hour $249/hour $449/hour
Database 100 people 500 people 1,000 people
Tablets/Devices 1 5 10

Before you make your mind, feel free to sign-up for the developer preview. It costs only $1 for two hours and it allows your developers to familiarize with our service.


1. For the developer preview, the database size is 10 people
2 A duration should be submitted along with the API start call which must be at least 10 minutes
3. The number of API calls per second for verification/identification is determined by your paid tier and it restricts the number of tablets/devices you can use
4. We encourage users to upload multiple images per person because it greatly improves the accuracy. However, there is an upper limit of ten images per person
* All terms and prices are subject to change without notice.