Q1. What is False Acceptance Ratio (FAR)?

The False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is the maximum rate of unauthorized persons which are falsely matched. For example, a FAR of 0.05 means that five out of every 100 unauthorized people would be granted access.

Q2. What is False Rejection Ratio (FRR)?

The False Rejection Rate (FRR) is the estimated rate of authorized persons being denied access the first try. For example, an FRR of 0.04 would mean that four out of 100 authorized people would be falsely rejected.

Q3. Is there a difference between a group ID and a person ID?

Yes. A group ID identifies a grouping of people. A person ID identifies a single person (whom will have multiple images enrolled for). Two examples are shown below:

group ID = 1

Person ID = 1
Person ID = 2
Person ID = 10

group ID = 2

Person ID = 11
Person ID = 12

Person ID = 25

Q4. Can a person belong to more than one group at a time?

Yes, a person may belong to more than a group.

Q5. Why am I getting authorization errors?

All calls to the Zenus API require an authorization header. The authorization header is not a JSON object; it will look like: {“Authorization”: }
Your API token can be found on your account summary page.