Event Tech Live 2018 Replay: Face Recognition: One Giant Leap for Event Kind

Event Tech Live 2018 Talk Replay

Danny Stevens, events industry veteran and founder & CEO of Fielddrive, presents his vision for the future with the use of face recognition technology.


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The Science of Content

TEDx Sydney

Measuring the impact of content is a crucial part of any event, whether you’re looking to boost purchase intent, change perceptions, or train new recruits. Gathering feedback will help assess whether the event has met its objectives, as well as informing future editions.


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Transformative Trade Show Tech

Facial Recognition

The trade show of the future has arrived sooner than you expected. Some of the most wildly innovative event tech to hit the market over the past few years is ready for the show floor. New and improved versions of these cutting-edge technologies are now hitting the market, and they’re gaining traction very quickly among show organizers looking to make life easier for attendees, exhibitors and, crucially, themselves.


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IBTM World announces 2018 Tech Watch Award shortlist

IBTM Tech Award 2018 Judges

IBTM World has announced a shortlist of nine finalists for its prestigious IBTM World Tech Watch Award. The winner will be announced on 28 November at IBTM World 2018, which takes place at Fira Barcelona from 27-29 November. Zenus is honored to be on the list.


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Meet our people : Yi Shi of Zenus

Zenus co-founder Yi Shi

Our co-founder Yi Shi is featured on Womenineventtech blog,  a community of people that believe there are more opportunities for women to lead in event tech than we see currently.


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What Does Facial Recognition Tech Mean for Marketing?

A group of marketing professionals discuss how facial recognition technology affect the events industry.

Panos Moutafis, PhD is Co-Founder and President of Zenus Inc., which specializes in facial recognition systems for multiple applications. A computer scientist by trade, he is well-known for his work ethic, diligence, and persistence. I caught up with him over breakfast in Houston recently, keen to discover if facial recognition technology could become mainstream, or sit on the fringes like many other great ideas such as RFID and iBeacons.


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How Facial Recognition Can Speed Up Check-in Times [Case Study]

Zenus EMB Case Study

This case study outlines how the Spring Masterminds 2018 event perfected their on-site check-in process using facial recognition and achieved an impressive nine-second average check-in time per attendee.


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Event Tech Lab Expands Partnerships With Event Technology Start-Ups

MIO at ibtm Barcelona

International virtual marketing and communications incubator, Event Tech Lab, is continuing to do its part to mentor and develop the next generation of event technology companies by growing its start-up partnerships.


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Facial Recognition and Events: A Comprehensive Guide (2018)

A comprehensive guide to using facial recognition for events

Facial recognition is a powerful technology and can be used to improve events in many ways, from speeding up check-in to enhancing security, and personalizing the experience. This complete guide explains everything event professionals need to know about facial recognition technology and events.


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Zenus partners with Expo Logic for event check-in facial recognition service

Woman Doing Face Recognition

Zenus has announced a partnership with event technology company Expo Logic to offer facial recognition event check-in services.


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