Event Tech Live 2018 Replay: Face Recognition: One Giant Leap for Event Kind

Event Tech Live 2018 Talk Replay

Danny Stevens, events industry veteran and founder & CEO of Fielddrive, presents his vision for the future with the use of face recognition technology.


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The Science of Content

TEDx Sydney

Measuring the impact of content is a crucial part of any event, whether you’re looking to boost purchase intent, change perceptions, or train new recruits. Gathering feedback will help assess whether the event has met its objectives, as well as informing future editions.


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Transformative Trade Show Tech

Facial Recognition

The trade show of the future has arrived sooner than you expected. Some of the most wildly innovative event tech to hit the market over the past few years is ready for the show floor. New and improved versions of these cutting-edge technologies are now hitting the market, and they’re gaining traction very quickly among show organizers looking to make life easier for attendees, exhibitors and, crucially, themselves.


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