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Integration risks may discourage adoption of new technologies. We designed our online service as a platform you can “plug & play” anytime. We also offer unique features that make facial recognition easier than ever.



We all want to pay what is fair. Our flexible pricing helps you budget ahead of time without hidden fees and without breaking the bank. At the same time, it allows us to operate, grow, and improve our service.



We care about the security and privacy of your users. To safeguard your data, we use compliant cloud service providers, encrypt all transmitted information, and we never request personally identifiable information.


Cutting-edge facial recognition

Facial recognition is not perfect and as such it is not meant to eradicate the human factor. Instead, its purpose is to enhance existing processes by improving efficiency, security, and convenience. We offer a quick 101 below which covers more than you will ever have to worry.

Types of error: The system determines that two images match when they should not (i.e., false positive) or the system determines that two images do not match when they should (i.e., false rejection). There is always a trade-off between these two types of error and the system should be configured accordingly depending on the application at hand.

Source of error: The accuracy can be degraded due to poor illumination, long distance from the camera, and bad camera angle. More importantly, if the system must determine whether or not someone is in the database the accuracy drops exponentially when the database size increases.

State-of-the-art: Zenus has developed proprietary technologies which allow us to significantly alleviate these challenges. Nevertheless, we encourage our clients to engage with our team, ask questions and set the expectations right early on.